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Brooklyn, NY 11209
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Snyder Specialty, L.L.C.


Lloyd's Coverholder Facility
Homeowners Program

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
AM Best Rating:
   A Excellent
The above underwriting company(s) are Non-Admitted in the states listed above. Subject to a 25% Minimum Earned Premium

Form: ISO Homeowners 3 Only

Minimum Cov A Dwelling Limit:
Coverage B: Other Structures:
Coverage C: Personal Property:
Coverage D: Loss of Use:
Coverage E: Personal Liability:
Coverage F: Medical Payments:



10% of Cov A
50% of Cov A
20% of Cov A
$300,000 ($500,000 Available)
$5,000 ($1,000 in NJ)

AOP Deductibles:
Under $500,000 Limit:
$500,000 - $999,000:
$1,000,000 - $2,000,000:

Windstorm Deductibles:
1,000 to 2500 ft.
2,500 ft to 5 miles
5 miles to 10 miles
Over 10 miles

Coverage A:
Coverage C:


Minimum of $1,000
Minimum of $2,500
Minimum of $5,000

Not Required

Replacement Cost if insured at 80% RCV
Actual Cash Value (Replacement Cost Avail.)

Secondary or Seasonal Dwellings:

  • Will underwrite coverage without primary

  • Policy will include Warranty that heat must be maintained or water drained while unoccupied

Other Policy Warranties:

  • Central Station Fire & Burglary will be required for all High Value Dwellings

Acceptable Loss Experience:
Will consider 2 prior losses within the past 3 years.

The above summary does not constitute an offer for coverage nor does it exhibit all program terms and conditions.